Felix Zedén Yverås

FelixZedén Yverås



My name is Felix and I am a swedish software developer (programmer) with drive!

I find creativity and curiosity to be my driving forces and feel at home in both ends of the tech stack.

My generalist approach and high attention to detail tends to provide me with deep knowledge and expertise while also allowing me to produce high quality results.

I believe in kindness, mutual respect and trust. I believe in communication and I belive in us making the world a better place!

What would you have us build together?

Felix Zedén Yverås
Improving Everyday Life


- present | Linköping

Software Developer (Consultant)

Aspire AB (prev. Attentec AB)

  • Planning and implementation of multi-system architecture.
  • Project management, including being a driving force for improved issue tracking and communications.
  • Setup, configuration and administration of Azure resources for multi-service system.
  • Full stack web development using React and ASP.NET (C#).
  • Pre-production and maintenance of white-label application for Android (Kotlin) and iOS (Swift).
  • Maintenance of Xamarin (C#/.NET) based Android/iOS application.
  • Setup of new Kotlin based Android TV project integrating with previous Java codebase.
  • Development of internal tools using Python, Google Apps Script and Javascript/Typescript.
  • Mockup design using Figma.

- present | Linköping



  • Solo development of open source information platform for social dancing in Sweden.
  • Integration and deployment with Supabase and Vercel.
  • Flutter development for web.
  • API design and implementation in a Next.js based backend.
  • Database planning and implementation using PostgreSQL and Prisma.
  • UI and UX design
  • Mockup design using Figma.

- | Linköping

Software Developer

Opera Sweden AB

  • Leading role in extensive multi-server system upgrade with major responsibility for Python 2 to 3 software upgrade. (~9 months)
  • Android development using Kotlin in an international agile team. (~6 months)
  • Android development using Java. (~3 months)
  • Golang development. (~1 month)
  • Documentation of API services in OpenAPI format.

- | Falköping, Linköping

Entrepreneur/​IT Consultant

Four o Four

Web development in own business.

- , - | Linköping

Summer Intern

Opera Software AS/​HERN Labs AB

Python, web and Android development. Deployment using Docker.

- | Linköping

Lab Assistant

Linköping University

Introductory course in Android development using Java and Kotlin.

- | Linköping

Student Consultant

Unitalent AB


Bachelor of Science

Linköping University

  • - | Linköping

    Information Technology


Linköping University

  • Autumn 2019 | Linköping

    Leadership - Developing Leadership Skills through Outdoor Education and Drama Communication; Me and the Group (7.5 ECTS)

  • Autumn 2017 | Linköping

    The Art of Leadership (15 ECTS)


Results from CodinGame for Work. Kotlin: Better than 98% of professionals. Python 3: Better than 95% of profiessionals.


One of the top ten developers I've worked with in my 35 year career.
Customer Feedback

Prestigeless, driven, analytical, initiating and likes to work on different things. [...] Prestigeless in the sense that you find it more important to find the best solution rather than making sure your solution 'wins'.

From our brief interaction I can tell that you're one of the most positive persons I've worked with. It was a pleasure!
Team Lead

Felix has shown great commitment to go forward, find and design solutions that improve the performance of the product.
Employment Certicate

He has proven that he can work both individually and with others, and has for example taken lead in daily team meetings.
Employment Certicate